Major issue in our society, sustainable development is naturally an integral part of our decisions. Undoubtedly, it represents a crucial issue for all of us, all sectors of business included ! Adopting a behaviour as responsible as possible within each approach proper to the manufacturing or to the sales of a ski appeared to be an evidence from the creation of DÉNÉRIAZ manufacture.

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    This eco-responsible approach goes first of all through the guarantee of a supplying of raw materials as local as possible. Our ash wood and walnut wood supplier is for this reason located at only a few kilometres of the manufacture. The various composite materials we use are also bought in France. There are only ski edges and ski soles which come from Germany and Austria, given that French suppliers does not exist for it. For obvious reasons, the few exotic wood species used for their properties which are equally important as particular do not come from France neither. Wood logs as well as all raw materials are thereafter entirely transformed within our factory.

    DÉNÉRIAZ skis lifecycle definitely represented a major challenge when talking about responsible consumption. The manufacture therefore offers to each client, individual or business ones, to benefit at each new season of "like new" skis thanks to its exclusive seasonal maintenance (in addition to the usual soles restructuration and ski edges sharpening, DÉNÉRIAZ also proposes to totally sand and then to varnish again the topsheet).

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    DÉNÉRIAZ also attaches a great importance to limit as much as possible its environmental impact when talking about skis packaging. It therefore favours the use of organic materials possessing significant advantages such as recycled cardboards, a clearly elementary bias when fighting against pollution and plastic waste.

    Finally, DÉNÉRIAZ manufacture is proud to durably engage itself in an even more responsible daily waste management. The various furnitures and materials are bought and managed as quickly as possible to prevent from waste. Every trash is obviously sorted out and used again when it is possible.