A unique ski structure


CAREFUL ASSEMbling OF noble materials


DÉNÉRIAZ ski conception meets to a comfort related, lightness and performance aim. The wood, used in its diverse range of species, and the way it is arranged for moulding, represents the major assets procuring the exceptional touch of snow of our skis. Two essential parts made of wood compose the heart of it : the core and the lateral beams. 

The timber cuts (ash wood, walnut wood...) or bamboo are total transformed and edged by ourselves to conceive lateral beams. Not less than 12 steps are necessary to the fabrication of these elements. The latter are worked by pair to obtain a perfect symmetry between the 2 skis of the pair and even between the 2 ski sidewalls of each ski. Following the ski models, the wood species are finely selected following their mechanical properties. A particular attention to the respect of the organisation of wood fibres is also given at the assembly stage. With equal width on the entire length of the ski, these lateral beams act as a real catamaran offering this way a great ski driving quality, all of this in an exceptional comfort !

Deneriaz SAS image et bloc de texte

We use balsa as the core, a nearly neutral part in our skis, for three reasons : the first one, it is an extremely light weight wood. The second one, when the food fibre is oriented at its edge, this specie presents a great resistance to compression. Finally, its low density enable itself to work in the 3 dimensions, so that lateral beams work at their maximum and perfectly absorb vibrations.

The whole cohesion is assured by inferior and superior reinforcements in composite fibre fabrics also selected by ourselves for their mechanical properties related to the model of ski manufactured. These materials therefore refine the ski performance on the snow.