DÉNÉRIAZ manufacture


A human story above all

Texte Deneriaz SAS et bloc d'image

Along with the matching and the strong ties forged between Antoine Dénériaz and Alain Zanco, human is one of the key values at the heart of the story of the brand and of DÉNÉRIAZ manufacture.

Human values inside the company : Today, a small  and devoted team develops the brand around Antoine Dénériaz. it is for example Julien, attracted by ski manufacturing since its youngest age who is now daily working with Alain Zanco at the manufacture. Worker, precise and meticulous, he is surrounded and supported with all the attention of Alain who gives him valuable tips and transmits him all his experience.

Constantly in contact with our distributors, we give a great importance to the advices and opinion they give us. Their ski parcs are revised and maintained by ourselves each inter season.  

Building relationships with our clients, users of DÉNÉRIAZ skis is for us primordial. In collaboration with our distributors, we therefore organise many ski test days together in front of their shops or in the ski rooms of the prestigious hotels they work with. Very frequently, Antoine Dénériaz by himself comes to present the range of skis and allow them to test them. 

Relationships which last with the time with our clients when following the lifecycle of their skis, repairing and maintaining them during summer period. 
Workshop Picture :  © Philippe Petit