DÉNÉRIAZ skis are manufactured with the greatest attention from finely selected materials. The exclusive manufacturing processes give them a very long lifetime through their mechanical properties. In spite of it, with the usage, skis can be scratched or damaged...

DÉNÉRIAZ models of skis being outside normal ranges and able to support you many years on ski slopes, DÉNÉRIAZ manufacture offers therefore a "high-end" service in order to extend their lifetime. Generally realised during shoulder season, the skis therefore start "afresh" the following winter.

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The complete maintenance is offered the first year and is divided in two main steps :

1 - Total cleaning and then vanishing of the upper side of the ski (topsheet)

2 - Ski edges sharpening, restructuration and ski waxing of the ski sole

The conception quality combined to our exceptional service will enable you to enjoy your DÉNÉRIAZ skis quality during many years... Major asset which we do care about, your skis will therefore be of a superior durability and limiting in a way their impact on the environment.


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