Skis commercialized by DENERIAZ Factory are exclusively conceived to ski on snow. Skiing is a winter sport which can present particular risks for yourself and for others. We therefore recommend you to respect FIS rules, to practice this sport only after a good physical preparation and to ski carefully.

  • We strongly recommend you to use a ski bag provided for such purpose to transport your skis.

  • When traveling, attach your skis thanks to DENERIAZ straps. You will therefore prevent your ski soles to be striped.

  • Detach your skis of stop-skis exclusively bottom-up and not diagonally, you will therefore protect the sole and edges.

  • Remove carefully the snow which remains on your skis after each use thanks to a small hand brush or with your gloves.

  • To stock your skis, take them out from ski bag if they are wet and dry them well to prevent the edges to rust.

  • Do not proceed to the waxing and to your ski servicing by yourself, it is strongly recommended to let resellers realize this operation, otherwise you may damage the sole, alter skiability and the level of quality of your skis.

  • In order to better store your skis during inter-season, keep them in a dry environment.