2,300.00 € 2300.0 EUR

2,300.00 €

What a great pleasure to have a versatile ski going everywhere with you! Thanks to its 1000g (for the 177cm), Free’D will be your ally when climbing. In downhills, our wood technology adapted to backcountry based on balsa and bamboo as well as its measurements (17 m radius) will be of a formidable efficiency and comfort!
Materials have been selected to bring a maximum of lightness and versatility, while maintaining a great skiability: balsa (lightness), lateral beams in bamboo (ski driving and elasticity). Tri-axial carbon brings the best flexion/torsion compromise. Lastly, carbon kevlar improves the ski-snow contact and absorbs vibrations.

2 years warranty. Free first maintenance service at the factory.
Skis sold with a ski bag.
Skis designed to ensure a reinforced area for bindings assembly in accordance to ISO 8364 norm.

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