Skis haut de gamme
fabriqués en Savoie - France

The Collection

Discover our skis and accessories collection which associates exclusive technologies and noble materials (carbon, wood, leather…) for an uncompromised performance and quality.

The brand

Authenticity, Exigency, Elegance… DÉNÉRIAZ is a French brand with strong values, developed with the experience and passion of an olympic ski champion. (Antoine Dénériaz, Turin, 2006 downhill Gold medal)


A union between craftwork and high technology, we handmade exclusive skis from finely selected materials in our production workshop in Savoie, in the heart of French alps.



The Manufacture DÉNÉRIAZ was born in 2018 following the meeting between 
Antoine Dénériaz and Alain Zanco, two characters who are both different and complementary.


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